Volex was recently recognised by ASEFA, a Certification Body for electric vehicle charging stations, plugs, and sockets, as one of the few charging cable assembly suppliers to include the E.V. READY® certification.

The E.V. READY Certification Mark was developed by European OEMs to address challenges in security, performance, and interoperability for communication between vehicles and charging infrastructure. This protocol is highly recommended throughout the French and European markets with OEMs now requiring this certification.

Electric vehicles and charging stations need to be able to communicate and work seamlessly. The E.V. READY certification mark confirms that the charging station and charging equipment communicate, and work securely, with a vehicle that supports E.V. READY.

As an applicant for E.V. READY, Volex has undergone a complex certification process by the approval authority ASEFA. With the European market rapidly expanding, it is vital that end-users experience the best charging performance when using our products.

Volex offers Type 2 Electric Vehicle charging cables that are designed for residential and public markets, in tethered or untethered versions, for mode 2 and 3 applications.

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