Data Centres

High-speed interconnect and power solutions for the world of enterprise IT

Data centres need reliable, uninterruptible power supplies that optimise signal integrity performance, protect individual server cabinets, and guarantee uptime. Volex has the proven Internet protocol (IP) and specialist data centre expertise to deliver solutions that are crucial to leading-edge data centre infrastructure; high-speed interconnect and power solutions designed to support faster processing, greater bandwidth, and increased density.

Volex offers external and internal copper cable assemblies in various form factors to support a wide range of data centre applications. These include Ethernet, InfiniBand, PCIe and SAS – at speeds of up to 800 Gbps. 100% of Volex power solutions for data centres, server rooms and IT rooms undergo rigorous testing in the factory before shipping. This ensures optimum signal integrity performance, enabling trouble-free installation and reliable operation.

Volex also offers custom power distribution units (PDUs) and power whip cable assemblies that are manufactured to customer specifications using rewireable plugs, connectors and cables from specified vendors, or Volex-supplied alternatives. For maximum peace of mind, all Volex power components are industry grade and made of the highest-quality materials.

Moreover, what sets Volex apart is the fact that its data centre components are extremely cost effective. With a global factory footprint, Volex has the infrastructure network to supply components and finished goods from tariff-free manufacturing sites. Along with an efficient global supply chain and seamless logistics support, this ensures Volex customers benefit from faster product lead times and more efficient cost management, without compromising data centre performance and reliability.

Data Centre

Volex Data Centre Solutions:

Volex has the IP expertise and technical experience to deliver proven solutions for data centre infrastructure:

Benefits of Volex’s Data Centre High-Speed Interconnect Solutions:

  • Global factory footprint, including tariff-free manufacturing options
  • Worldwide supply chain and logistics support
  • Rigorous factory testing and certification for quality and safety
  • 100% traceability
  • Fast turnaround and response times

Applications for Volex Data Centre Solutions:

  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • High-performance computing
  • Data transfer cables
  • Storage devices
  • Facility PDUs and power panels
  • Rack power outlets, PDUs and equipment cord sets

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