We constantly strive to minimise any negative impact that our operations could cause to the environment and each of our operating locations contributes to the local communities in which they operate.

Our Board is responsible for developing and managing the Group’s strategy on matters including health and safety, diversity, compliance with ethical trading practices, conflict minerals, and modern slavery and human trafficking.

In the past year (FY22) with our Board’s approval and oversight through the Board’s Safety, Environment and Sustainability
Committee we have increased our focus on sustainability and have now established a framework upon which we can build
our sustainability agenda for the future. This framework identifies three key pillars of activity that will underpin our efforts to
improve our performance on sustainability. These key pillars are:

Building ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ at a factory level

In the past year we have worked hard to engage all of our sites in the design and development of our Volex Factory Sustainability Framework. We have used regional sustainability networks to share thinking and best practice examples and have engaged with all of our site leaders to ensure that our ambitions in sustainability are credible.

We believe that the only way to deliver meaningful and sustainable improvement in a global manufacturing company is to generate engagement and improvement effort at each and every one of our sites.

The establishment of our Volex Factory Sustainability Framework acts as a platform for each of our manufacturing facilities to select their own prioritised improvement actions for the year ahead to ensure that they enhance the sustainability performance of their site.

To ensure we celebrate the successes of our sites’ achievements to deliver on the sustainability agenda we have also decided to expand our successful global Site Excellence Awards programme to include Sustainability as an additional category so that we recognise those sites who demonstrate excellence in this area. The first Sustainability Site Excellence Award will be announced in April 2023.

For the FY22 year we achieved a Silver level rating from EcoVadis and our certificate is available for download here. This places us in the upper quartile of organisations evaluated under the EcoVadis assessment methodology.

For the FY22 year we achieved a B- for Water Security from CDP (our report is available for download here.  For Climate Change our score from CDP has improved in FY22 to a C rating (our report is available for download here).

Volex Sustainability Reporting System

In the past year we have prioritised the implementation of a Sustainability Reporting System and have established a standardised set of ESG-related indicators across all of our operating locations. We selected the UL360 Essentials solution as our reporting platform and with this capability we can now ensure that our ESG data is captured consistently across all parts of our business.

We call this platform the Volex Sustainability Reporting System (“V-SRS”). Not only does this investment deliver a consistent set of management insights across a wide array of environmental, social and governance related performance indicators it also enables us to efficiently calculate our global carbon emissions ensuring that we can be more granular and responsive in our disclosures to our external stakeholders.

Equality and Human Rights

Volex is committed to generating benefits for all its stakeholders while ensuring that it does not infringe the human rights of others. We recognise that our employees are crucial to the ongoing success of the business and to how the company is regarded by the wider market, and believe that all employees should be treated equally, fairly and with respect.

Actively listening and involving our employees is an essential part of our daily work and employee – management forums are common across our organisation.

In FY22 we enhanced our whistleblowing arrangements with the launch of our Speak Up policy which is available here. Our policy has been communicated in and is accessible in 12 local languages.

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a fundamental violation of human rights. It takes various forms, all of which seek to deprive a person of their liberty for another’s commercial or personal gain.

Volex has a zero-tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery and is committed to ensuring there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of its supply chains, or its own business. As required by UK law, we also publish a Modern Slavery Transparency Statement which can be accessed here. We expect the same high standards from all of our contractors, suppliers and other business partners.

Health and Safety

Volex maintains stringent safety practices and implements industry best practice across the Group. Each manufacturing site conducts programme training, risk assessments and regular management reviews to identify safety risks and ensure compliance with industry best practice.

All sites comply with local law and regulations relating to health and safety, and at end FY22 51% of our workforce were employed within an ISO45001 or equivalent accredited facility. A new Group health and safety policy was approved by the Board and rolled out in 2019.

Involvement With Our Communities

Volex strives to become involved in local events and activities in the areas where it has sites. For example, in Tijuana, Mexico, each year staff collect presents and food which they deliver to local care home residents over Christmas.

During the year, GTK staff raised thousands of pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital, a London hospital for children, through sponsorship of and participation in the London to Brighton bicycle ride and through direct donations at Christmas. Our Silcotec business donates €3,000 every year to a local orphanage in the town of Komarno, where its Slovakian production site is based.

Customers and Suppliers

Just as Volex’s customers around the world demand strict adherence to high environmental and ethical standards, we demand the same of our suppliers, requiring them to sign up to a Supplier Code of Conduct that mirrors the standards we set for ourselves.

All of the traditional Volex sites and our recently acquired sites are ISO9001 certified. Sites focused on medical equipment have ISO13485 accreditation and sites focused on the aerospace sector have AS9100D accreditation. We aim to meet any additional requirements explicitly requested by our customers.

Conflict Minerals and Responsible Minerals

Volex has a dedicated policy addressing the issue of conflict minerals. We are committed to avoiding the use of conflict minerals in our products, and we ask our suppliers to ensure that materials used in components and products they supply to us, including tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, are conflict-free. In FY2022 we updated our policy to be our Responsible Minerals Policy and it can be accessed here.

Our Impact On The Environment

We comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions in which we operate. We monitor the environmental impact of our business activities and encourage employee awareness of waste reduction, recycling and responsible disposal. At end FY22 79% of our global workforce worked within an ISO14001 certified facility. Each certified plant has local waste reduction and/or pollution-prevention programmes.

In FY22 we started to report waste consistently across the Group enabled by our investment in our V-SRS. At end FY22 we reported waste data for 9 of our factories, covering 75% of our global workforce and we achieved a recycling rate of 86.6% based on an average performance of the last 3 months of the financial year.

We are compliant with the provisions of EU RoHS and EU REACH, and implement stringent controls to eliminate the use of hazardous substances. Our products are free from MCCP, phthalates, lead and DINP. We also offer a range of halogen-free cables.

Carbon Reporting

Volex undertakes full carbon reporting as part of our commitment to sustainable environmental practices. In FY22 we implemented a global sustainability reporting system, which we call V-SRS, to enable us to track and report on a wide variety of sustainability related indicators across the full extent of our global operations. Using this data for the past financial year, our energy use and our emissions can be calculated in accordance with the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) reporting guidelines and using the latest emission factors appropriate to the countries in which our energy is consumed. For FY22 we again engaged Carbon Footprint Ltd to provide an independent third party verification of our carbon footprint assessment and supporting evidence. A copy of their report can be accessed here.

We have undertaken initiatives to help to reduce our carbon emissions. For example, we are expanding our use of electric vehicles where possible and implementing energy-use reduction programmes in our production sites such as replacing all light bulbs for the more-efficient LED type, as well as relying where possible on renewable energy sources.