Mini-SAS HD SAS Cable

Volex’s external Mini-SAS HD SAS copper cable assemblies are a high-performance storage interconnect solution compliant with SFF-8614 shielded module form factor standard and SAS-3 and 4 specifications. The cable assembly is available in 4X and 8X configuration and maximizes SAS-3 and SAS-4 drives and storage array performance. Volex offers:

  • SAS 3.0 Cable
  • SAS 4.0 Cable

Applications / Markets for Mini-SAS HD SAS Cable

External Mini-SAS HD SAS cable is used for interconnecting data centre server and storage devices for the following:

  • Servers
  • HBAs (Host Bus Adapters)
  • JBODs (Just a Bunch of Disks)
  • RAIDs (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)
  • Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)
  • Storage Arrays

What is External Mini-SAS HD SAS Cable?

Volex external Mini-SAS HD SAS cables are copper cable assemblies with shielded pluggable modules compliant with SFF-8614 shielded cage/connector standard. SFF-8614 mini multilane (4X and 8X lanes) interface has become the standard storage external interface in data centres supporting 12Gbps per lane for SAS-3 and 24Gbps per lane for SAS-4.

Benefits of External Mini-SAS HD SAS Cable

Volex external Mini-SAS HD SAS cables maximise SAS-3 and SAS-4 drives and storage array performance, with benefits that include:

  • Near-zero power consumption, low heat dissipation, very low cost
  • Complete cable assembly uniquely terminated at the factory to provide the most reliable operation
  • 100% tested for signal integrity with serial number traceability
  • Product customisation available to meet customer specifications
  • Production capacity to meet mega sized global data centre demand
  • Innovative design development to support next-generation interconnect technology and deployment

Why Choose Volex for External Mini-SAS HD SAS Cable?

The Volex engineering team can customise a solution to a customer’s specific requirements and provide quick turn custom design samples supported by skilled local sales and field applications engineering (FAE) teams. The Volex global factory footprint, which includes tariff-free manufacturing sites, an efficient global supply chain and logistics support, enables reduced product lead time and efficient cost management

By partnering with Volex on data centre high-speed interconnect solutions, customers benefit from strong technical expertise and manufacturing prowess to help future-proof data centres and fulfill infrastructure development and growth goals.

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