IT Peripherals and Consumer Electronics

A diverse portfolio of power solutions for IT peripherals and consumer electronics.

Volex manufactures consumer and professional grade power products and electrical assemblies for the world’s leading electronic device manufacturers. They are used to add advanced functionality and performance to a wide spectrum of IT peripheral and consumer electronic products.

High-quality components and manufacturing practices ensures Volex power solutions deliver exceptional reliability and performance no matter the end-market application. Rigorous testing ensures they meet and exceed brand performance expectations and industry quality standards. From consumer-grade power solutions, to industrial use power cords, cables and wire harness assemblies, Volex has a global network of manufacturing facilities across 3 continents to service IT and consumer electronic OEM demands.

IT Peripherals and Consumer Electronics

Why Choose Volex?

Volex is a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial appliance power solutions.

  • Consumer, commercial and industrial grade power cords and cables
  • Wire harnessing and cable assemblies
  • Full integration of all electronic components
  • Rigid 100% reliability, 100% electrical testing
  • Long and reliable lifetime
  • Tariff-free manufacturing options

Power Applications for IT Peripherals and Consumer Electronics Products

Volex manufactures high-quality power solutions for the following residential and professional IT peripherals and consumer electronics product applications.

  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • Printers and peripherals
  • Networking solutions
  • Office equipment
  • Gaming consoles
  • And many more

Supporting Volex Power Products and Integrated Manufacturing Services

View our full range of Consumer Electrical Power Solutions, Custom Wiring and Cable Harnesses and Integrated Manufacturing Services for IT peripherals and consumer electronics.

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