Domestic and Commercial Appliances

High-performance power solutions for domestic and commercial appliances.

Volex has significant global expertise in manufacturing power products for domestic and commercial appliances. Volex high-quality products are used in many of the world’s leading consumer and commercial brands from household white goods, HVAC systems to industrial dryers and walk-in coolers.

As appliance design evolves, Volex can manufacture and deliver consumer and industrial grade power cords, plugs and wire harness assemblies that meet the strictest industry safety standards and demanding performance requirements. OEMs can also be assured that Volex ensures security of supply through its ability to quickly scale for large production needs through its region-based global network of sites, quickly servicing customers where they manufacture their domestic and commercial appliance portfolios.

Why Choose Volex?

Volex is a leading manufacturer of domestic and commercial appliance power solutions.

  • Consumer, commercial and industrial grade power cords and cables
  • Wire harnessing and cable assemblies
  • Full integration of all electronic components
  • Rigid 100% reliability, 100% electrical testing
  • Long and reliable lifetime
  • Tariff-free manufacturing options

Power Applications for Domestic and Commercial Appliances

Volex manufactures high-quality power solutions for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial product applications.

  • Refrigeration systems
  • Air conditioning units
  • Ovens and restaurant / catering equipment
  • Industrial power cleaners
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Domestic appliances and white goods

Supporting Volex Power Products and Integrated Manufacturing Services

View our full range of Consumer Electrical Power Solutions, Custom Wiring and Cable Harnesses and Integrated Manufacturing Services for domestic and commercial appliances.

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