Robotics and Automation

Engineering precision in robotic process automation

Robotics, automation and advanced technologies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and give manufacturers a competitive advantage. However, as robotics and automation systems become increasingly sophisticated, it is vital that manufacturers have a proven process for assembly. They need a manufacturing solution from a partner they can trust to deliver the quality and reliability required to accommodate the articulation of robot arms and high-speed assembly lines.

Volex is a leading name in solution for custom cable management projects for this growing sector. From design and development to testing and delivery, the Volex global IMS team has the industry knowledge and project expertise to provide world-class manufacturing and assembly services for robotics and automation. From simple box builds to the most complex manufacturing and project integration, Volex has the expertise to deliver on the specific needs and quality standards that manufacturers require. Volex can also promise value-added solutions for high mix, low volume manufacturing. So when it comes  to the latest robotic innovations and assembly technology, with Volex, manufacturers couldn’t be in safer hands.

Robotics and Automation

Volex Robotics and Automation Services:

Volex has the technical expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to deliver integrated solutions for robotic process automation:

Benefits of Volex’s Robotics and Automation Solutions Include:

  • Global integrated manufacturing capabilities in 12 countries
  • Dedicated staff with market sector expertise
  • A one-stop-shop for custom engineered solutions
  • Full support from design to final custom assembly
  • Expert manufacturing and precision testing

Applications for Volex Robotic Process Automation Solutions:

  • Precision positioning of medical devices for diagnostics and therapy
  • Human-like motion for surgical procedures
  • Automated visual inspections using machine vision
  • High-speed, precision manufacturing, packaging and factory automation
  • Humidity controlled clean room environments
  • Autonomous robotic applications for agricultural production and process

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