Volex is dedicated to delivering connectivity and integration solutions to the world’s most demanding, performance-critical applications. Our expertise covers many sectors including Complex Industrial Technology, Consumer Electricals, Electric Vehicles (EV), and Medical.

We are a highly capable, flexible global provider of custom manufacturing services. Our facilities are world-class, allowing us to provide the highest quality finished goods and components when and where you need them. We pride ourselves on being a solutions provider, adding value to our partners at every stage. From concept to reality, we are able to provide global solutions, scale, efficiency, and value-added expertise.

Volex’ offerings combine our leading high-speed data centre products with complex harnesses and complete assemblies for sophisticated industrial technology customers in diverse markets. We provide in-house overmoulding for low and high-pressure applications. We can assist with the mould design and machining needs.

We offer highly competitive high-speed data cables and complex printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) and harness assemblies, including partial and full box builds. With Volex’s leading-edge technical capabilities, we can partner with you to get you from design to full production development.

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Volex is a global leader in power cord products and cable harness assemblies. We are the partner of choice for premium electronics and domestic appliance manufacturers. Volex provides dedicated factories to support the white goods market with high-speed automated equipment, and industry-leading harness capabilities.

We have the capacity to produce 200 million power cords per year. And we provide a wide variety of safety-approved power cords tailored to our customers’ individual requirements.

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We work with leading manufacturers in the electric vehicles industry who value our significant technical expertise and experience in the sector.

With safety approvals in every major market, we deliver mains-voltage AC and high voltage DC charging solutions using our deep experience in delivering high-quality power cords.

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We deliver complex cables and full assemblies that are used to deliver critical power, control, and data connectivity for medical devices to pass stringent medical regulatory requirements. We have pursued and completed the most rigorous certifications to meet every requirement our customers need.

Volex understands the growing needs of the medical industry and is positioned in the forefront of leading technology, requirements, and certifications.

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