Halogen-Free Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles

Volex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power cord related products such as halogen-free plugs, connectors and receptacles. Volex halogen-free plugs, halogen-free connectors and halogen-free receptacle products are sold to manufacturers for a broad range of electrical and electronic devices, equipment, appliances, and many other applications.

Whether the end-use requires frequent plugging and unplugging, or plug and forget, Volex will have the right product solution to meet your design requirements.

Volex offers the following halogen-free plug, connector and receptacle products portfolio below:

  • Halogen-free world-wide range of safety approvals for applicable plug types (A, B, C, D, E/F, G, H, I, J K, L, M & N)
  • Straight and angled halogen-free plugs
  • Halogen-free plugs with flat and/or round pins
  • Halogen-free standard or housing/anti-tracking plugs
  • Halogen-free plugs with non-insulated or insulated pins
  • Halogen-free fused or non-fused plugs

They can also be called: halogen-free 2 point plugs, halogen-free 3 point plugs, halogen-free 2-pole plugs, halogen-free earthing plug, halogen-free 2 prong plugs, halogen-free 3 prong plugs, halogen-free 2 wire plugs, halogen-free 3 wire plugs.


Halogen-Free Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles Technical Information

Volex halogen-free plugs, connectors and receptacles are offered with many different options and customisation. For these product lines, customisation options include:

  • Halogen-free plug profile (shape of over-mold, cable grips, thumb grip, strain-relief, etc.)
  • Halogen-free overmould hardness and/or texture
  • Pin blade texture finishes and plating
  • Halogen-free plug/connector overmould and cable jacket color variants
  • Special markings on halogen-free plugs/connectors or cable jacket
  • Halogen-free cable jacket texture and/or softness
  • Halogen-free cable length variants and flexibility and/or reliability performance to suit application.
  • Special hanking/binding methods and packaging (labels, pin caps, PE bags)

Other customisations available

What are Halogen-Free Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles?

Halogen-free plugs, connectors and receptacles are similar to standard power cords but use halogen-free compounds as the overmould instead of PVC. Halogen-free materials are a safer alternative to PVC and other materials since they do not emit hazardous gases in a fire.

Volex established a specification for halogen-free products to comply with maximum allowable concentration of chlorine and bromine in homogeneous material as described in IEC 61249-2-21 or as per customer requirement if requested.

IEC 61249-2-21 Control Limits:

Substance Name Max. % Conc. in PPM
Chlorine 0.09% 900 ppm
Bromine 0.09% 900 ppm
Chlorine + Bromine 0.15% 1500 ppm

Volex includes antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) as part of substance restriction for halogen-free products.

Applications / Markets for Halogen-Free Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles

Halogen-free plugs, connectors and receptacles from Volex are used in a wide variety of applications and markets. Examples include:

Business and IT Peripherals

  • Desktops
  • Laptops and Notebooks
  • Monitors
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Printers
  • Tablets
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Consumer Electronics

  • Game Consoles
  • Projectors
  • Sound Systems
  • Televisions

DIY and other Equipment and Appliances

  • Extension Cords
  • Power Tools
  • Pressure Washers
  • Replacement Power Cords
  • Sewing Machines
  • Water and Air Pumps

Domestic Appliances

  • Air Conditioners
  • Dryers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Steam Irons
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Washing Machines


  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Imaging
  • Medical Therapy Systems
  • Patient Care Systems
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Surgical Systems

Personal Care

  • Hair Curlers and Dryers
  • Massagers

Features of Halogen-Free Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles

Volex halogen-free plugs, connectors and receptacles offer different features to suit customer needs. Volex halogen-free plugs, connectors and receptacles:

  • Are designed with built in quality through sound component selection and applied best industry manufacturing practices
  • Pass the stringent reliability test standards required by various safety agencies world-wide
  • Are matched with quality electrical cables that use virgin copper and meets required safety standards
  • Pass through 100% in-line continuity testing to deliver expected performance in the market
  • Are updated to meet latest safety and environmental regulatory standards

Why Choose Volex for Halogen-Free Plugs, Connectors and Receptacles?

Volex customers of halogen-free plugs, connectors and receptacles benefit from strong technical expertise and global manufacturing and delivery. The Volex global factory footprint, which includes tariff-free manufacturing sites, an efficient global supply chain, and logistics support, enables reduced product lead times and efficient cost management. Volex engineering teams can customise halogen-free solutions to a customer’s specific requirements and provide quick-turn custom design samples supported by skilled local sales and field applications engineering (FAE) teams.

Dynamic design and development capabilities support Volex’ diverse product portfolios. Rigid reliability tests, and 100% electrical tests, ensure total product performance. Volex always strives to fulfil customer expectations in the best way possible.

Reasons to select Volex for halogen-free plugs, connectors and receptacles include:

  • Volex is one of the first in the industry to have a wide range of halogen-free products
  • Strong design capability allows Volex to meet the highest cosmetic standards and pass the most stringent test requirements on various products
  • Volex offers many desired product features and applies best manufacturing processes to achieve strong product performance and reliability

In-house capability to extrude cables offers better control of quality, faster product launches, and shorter delivery lead-times

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