SFP56 Passive DAC Cable

Volex’s SFP56 passive Direct Attach Copper cable features 1 transmitting and 1 receiving channels supporting 50G Ethernet and 64G Fibre Channel applications. The Volex SFP56 cable assemblies meet or exceed IEEE 802.cd and 64GFC standards with substantial signal integrity margin providing high performance and bandwidth interconnect solutions for high-density applications.

As next-gen data centres deploy faster speed in a tighter space, they need high-performance cables that reduce power consumption, provide reliable operation and are low cost. Volex’s SFP56 cable assemblies are designed to meet the next-gen data centre needs. The Volex SFP56 cable pluggable module is compatible with SFP56 and SFP-DD ports for ease of data centre upgrade.

SFP56 Passive DAC Cable Product Highlights

  • Near zero power consumption and no heat generated
  • Complete cable assembly uniquely terminated at the factory to provide the most reliable operation
  • 100% tested for signal integrity with serial number traceability

SFP56 Passive DAC Cable Features and Specifications

Product Type SFP56 to SFP56 passive direct attach copper cable
Conductor Treatment Laser stripped conductors
Cable Type High-speed twinax cable, 2-pair differential, 100 +/-5 ohms
Cable Colour Black
Cable Jacket PVC
Packaging PE bag
Power Supply Voltage 3.3V
Temperature Range 0 – 70o C
Retention Force Maximum 170N per SFF-8432
Minimum 90N per SFF-8432
Insertion Force Maximum 18N per SFF-8432
EEPROM Each connector module contains an EEPROM to provide product information to the host system
Cable Termination 100% factory tested including comprehensive signal integrity verification and serial number traceability using advanced Manufacturing Execution Systems
Volex reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice.

SFP56 Passive DAC Cable Applications

  • Switches, Servers, Routers, Storage Arrays
  • Networking Equipment
  • Data Centres
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Telecom Central Offices (CO)
  • Test and Measurement Equipment

Standards Compliance of SFP56 Passive DAC Cable

  • IEEE P802.3cd
  • INCITS 64GFC (Fibre Channel)
  • SFF-8402, SFF-8431, SFF-8432, SFF-8472
  • EIA-364
  • UL 94, 1581, VW1
  • RoHS

SFP56 Passive DAC Cable Mechanical Drawings

SFP56 Passive DAC Cable Drawing

SFP56 Passive DAC Cable Product Dimensions

Volex P/N

Cable Length
Cable Gauge
Cable OD


0.50 30


DS50PSG10BS 1.00 30



1.50 30 4.5
DS58PSG20BS 2.00 28



2.50 28 5.5
DS56PSG30BS 3.00 26


0.5-3m lengths available with 26-30 AWG conductor sizes to achieve maximum performance. Options Available:

  • Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) jackets
  • Custom colours for pull tab
  • Custom EEPROM mapping

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