Hospital Grade Plugs

Volex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power cord related products such as hospital grade plugs. Volex hospital grade plug and cord products are sold to manufacturers for a broad range of electrical and electronic devices and equipment for medical and healthcare applications.

Whether the end-use requires frequent plugging and unplugging, or plug and forget, Volex will have the right product solution to meet specific design requirements.

Volex offers the following hospital grade plug / power cord products portfolio:

  • Danish Non-Rewireable 2 Pole Hospital Plug with Earth Pin
  • Japan NEMA 5-15P Straight Hospital Grade Plug
  • North-America NEMA 5-15P Straight Hospital Grade Plug
  • North-America NEMA 5-15P Angled Hospital Grade Plug
  • Hospital Grade Plus with Locking V-Locking Connectors

They can also be called: hospital grade power cords, hospital grade electrical cords, medical grade plugs, medical plugs, hospital plugs, and healthcare plugs.

Hospital Grade Plugs Technical Information

Volex hospital grade plugs / power cords are available with matching cables to meet your equipment’s required rating and safety standards. For each plug and cable configuration, standard or locking connectors can be matched. Together with Volex’ V-lock solutions, customers are assured that the power cords are always engaged with the appliance.

Basic technical information on Volex hospital grade plugs is as follows:

Cat. No. Image Description Applicable Cable Max. Rating Approval
DM133SH Non-rewireable 2-Pole Hospital Grade with Earth Pin H05VV-F 3X1.00
H05VV-F 3X1.50
13A, 250V DEMKO
PS206A NEMA 5-15P Angled Hospital
Grade Plug for Class I Appliance
SJT 14/3
SJT 18/3
SJT (Shielded) 16/3
SJT (Shielded) 18/3
SVT (Shielded) 18/3
15A, 125V UL/c-UL, CSA
PS206 NEMA 5-15P Straight Hospital
Grade Plug for Class I Appliance
SJT 14/3
SJT 16/3
SJT 18/3
SJT (Shielded) 16/3
SJT (Shielded) 18/3
SVT (Shielded) 18/3
SVT 18/3
15A, 125V UL/c-UL, CSA
JP15CS3 Straight Plug (Hospital Grade) for Class I Appliance VCTF 3x 0.75
PSE 227 IEC 53 (IEC-J)
3x 1.00
VCTF 3x 1.25
VCTF 3x 2.00
15A, 125V PSE

Applications / Markets for Hospital Grade Plugs

Hospital grade plugs and electrical power cords from Volex are used in a wide variety of hospital and medical applications. Examples include:

  • Blood-flow Systems
  • Electro-medical Equipment
  • Defibrillators
  • Dental Chairs
  • Dialysis Systems
  • Electro-surgical Equipment
  • Gynecological Table
  • Health Screening/Monitoring Devices
  • Heart Monitor
  • Hematology
  • Heart-Lung Machines
  • Hospital and Care Beds
  • Incubators
  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Medical Testing Devices
  • Respiratory Monitors
  • X-Ray Machines
  • Other electrical equipment and appliances used for patient care



What are Hospital Grade Plugs?

Hospital grade plugs and electrical power cords are designed to meet the stringent test requirements simulating the harsh environment and abuses in actual hospital/medical settings.

Features of Hospital Grade Plugs

Volex hospital grade plugs and power cords offer different features to suit customer needs. These include:

  • Nickel plated solid pins
  • Strain-relief specially designed to meet abrupt-pull test requirements
  • Harder durometer compound to pass the crush test
  • Marked with a green dot or marked with “Hospital Grade” to differentiate from standard products
  • Available in straight and angled versions for UL/CSA
  • Matched with standard or Volex V-locking connectors



Why Choose Volex for Hospital Grade Plugs?

Volex customers of hospital grade plugs and power cords benefit from strong technical expertise and global manufacturing and delivery. The Volex global factory footprint, which includes tariff-free manufacturing sites, an efficient global supply chain, and logistics support, enables reduced product lead times and efficient cost management. Volex engineering teams can customise hospital grade plug and cord solutions to a customer’s specific requirements and provide quick-turn custom design samples supported by skilled local sales and field applications engineering (FAE) teams.

Dynamic design and development capabilities support Volex’s diverse product portfolios. Rigid reliability tests, and 100% electrical tests, ensure total product performance. Volex always strives to fulfill customer expectations in the best way possible.

Reasons to select Volex for hospital grade plugs and power cords include:

  • Volex is the leader in the power cord industry and has an excellent reputation for high quality products
  • Strong design capabilities allow Volex to meet the highest cosmetic standards and pass the most stringent test requirements on various products
  • Volex applies its best product features and manufacturing processes to achieve desired product performance and reliability
  • In-house capability to extrude cables offers better control of quality, faster product launches, and shorter delivery lead-times

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