Type 1 SAE J1772 AC EV Charging Cables

Type 1 J1772 AC charging cables for electric vehicles (EV) are designed and manufactured for residential and public charging applications. They are available from Volex in charging currents from 16A up to 80A AC. These charging cables meet the SAE J1772 specifications relevant to the North American EV market segment and are available in both UL Listed and UL recognised cable configurations per UL 2251 / UL 62 standards.

Volex’ Type 1 J1772 AC charging cables include a unibody, seamless coupler design with no external fasteners to prevent user tampering. The single piece body design provides users with enhanced sealing to ensure safe electrical performance and better mechanical strength, high durability and IP67 ingress protection.

These EV charging cables are capable of high mating cycle requirements, with testing completed to 10,000 mating cycles. Additionally, they meet UL 62 cold impact requirements and are RoHS compliant. Standard cable lengths are 5m, 7.5m and 10m, with customised length options available.

Type 1 SAE J1772 AC EV Charging Cables Technical Information

Product Definition
Charging Standard J1772
Standards / Regulations UL 2251, CSA C22.2 NO. 282 SAE J1772
Approval UR/cUR
Dimensions Charging Connector
Width 57.4 mm
Height 144.2 mm
Depth 251 mm
Cable Length On Request
Ambient Conditions
Ambient Temperature (Operation) -30°C to +50°C
Ambient Temperature (Storage/Transport) -40°C to +80°C
Max. Altitude 5,000m (above sea level)
Degree of Protection (Unmated) IP67 / 3R and above
Degree of Protection (Mated) IP44
Degree of Protection (Protective Cap) IP54
Electrical Properties
Number of Phases 1
Rated Voltage for Power Contacts 240V AC
Rated Current for Power Contacts 16A 32A 48A     80A
Maximum Charging Power 3.84 kW   7.68 kW 11.52 kW   19.2 kW
Number of Power Contacts 3 (L1, N, PE)
Rated Voltage for Signal Contacts 30V AC
Rated Current for Signal Contacts 2A
Number of Signal Contacts 2 (CP, PP)
Note on the Connection Method Crimp Termination (cannot be disconnected)
Resistor Coding (between PE and CS) 480 Ω (lever operated)
150 Ω (lever not operated)
Mechanical Properties
Mating Cycles > 10,000
Insertion Force < 75 N
Withdrawal < 75 N
Housing / Handle Area Colour Black
Mating Face / Locking Lever Colour Black
Protective Cap Colour Black
Housing with Customer Logo On Request
Material Housing / Handle Area Plastic
Material Mating Face Plastic
Material Protective Cap Soft Plastic
Flammability Rating V0
Material Contacts Cu-Alloy
Plating Silver Plating
Cable * UL Listed EVE cable
** Set Approval is required when using the UL Recognised EVC cable
Cable structure 1 Phase
** 16A ** 32A * 32A ** 48A * 48A ** 80A * 80A
+ 1x22AWG
+ 1x22AWG
+ 1x22AWG
+ 1x10AWG
+ 1x22AWG
+ 1x10AWG + 1x18AWG
+ 18AWG + 1x18AWG
+ 1x8AWG + 1x18AWG
Cable Diameter 10.5 mm 12.0 mm 15.8 mm 14.5 mm 22.5 mm 21.85 mm 24.0 mm
Cable Resistance at 20°C (6AWG) ≤ 1.40 Ω/km
Cable Resistance at 20°C (8AWG) ≤ 2.23 Ω/km
Cable Resistance at 20°C (10AWG) ≤ 3.51 Ω/km
Cable Resistance at 20°C (14AWG) ≤ 8.88 Ω/km
Cable Resistance at 20°C (18AWG) ≤ 22.4 Ω/km
Cable Resistance at 20°C (22AWG) ≤ 56.8 Ω/km
Cable Standard UL 62
Type of Conductor Straight (or more type on request)
Outer Sheath Material TPE Compound
Outer Sheath Colour On Request
Environmental Product Compliance
REACH SVHC Compliant
China RoHS Compliant
EU RoHS Compliant

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