Xiaomi partners with Volex

LONDON, 27 July, 2015: Xiaomi launched the Millet TV 2S to give viewers the ultimate television viewing experience. The Millet TV 2S was designed with the philosophy of using "innovation from the beginning", incorporating cutting edge technology and elegant features throughout.  During a recent press conference, the company discussed how they partnered with Volex plc, their exclusive power cord provider, to create an elegant, high performing power supply cord to match the sophistication of their television design.  

 The resulting power cord was referred to as "a work of art" at the press conference. However, this plug is more than an attractive feature; it was designed with enhanced safety, sturdiness and durability at its core.   This power cord successfully passes 20,000 swing tests, which is twice the required safety standard.   Supply and development of special materials played a critical role in the look and feel as well.  High performance, specialized materials were developed for the outer shell in order to provide a glossy effect and textured finish to showcase the Xiaomi “MI” logo.  The highest quality of wire was chosen to increase the power efficiency and longevity of the product.  The plug design is contoured to provide finger grips on each side of the main plug body, making it easy for the user to engage and disengage from wall power. 

The resulting product of this joint development is one that both companies are proud of and was facilitated by working together early in the design process. 

Volex plc (LSE: VLX) manufactures power cords and custom cable assemblies for data communication networks, medical equipment, industrial equipment, power generation and consumer products. We work closely with our customers throughout their product development cycles to design, develop and manufacture connections solutions that meet their specific business requirements. These solutions are delivered from 9 manufacturing facilities, 45 global logistics hubs and 46 sales offices in 22 countries.