Our story is one of industrial heritage, perseverance and constant evolution and change.

We began as Ward & Goldstone and rose to being one of Salford’s biggest industrial employers, especially in the 1950s.

Founded in 1892 by James Ward & Meyer Hart Goldstone, we remained a family firm especially during the era of Sampson ‘Mr Sam’ Goldstone (who comes across as much loved, but also something of an autocrat).

Ward & Goldstone manufactured a range of electrical goods, including cable, plastic mouldings for plugs and car parts. It was a big supplier to Woolworth’s.

The name Volex itself is known to have emerged as a brand of dry-cell batteries as early as 1910 but the roots of the company that is Volex today can be traced back to 1919 when we became registered at Companies House.


During the 1980s Ward and Goldstone changed its name to Volex Group plc and the decision was taken to move its manufacturing capacity to low cost regions in the Far East.

The 1990s saw a broad range of acquisitions and expansions that extended Volex’s global footprint in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Croatia,Malaysia, Ireland, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia into the Group.

The company sold its automotive wire harness business Ionix to its management in 2009, and that business was then acquired by Amphenol in 2012.

The remaining business was centred around 2 operating divisions, Power Products and Cable Assemblies.

Since 2015, with a new management and board, acquisitions have once again become a central piece of our growth story.


Today, Volex is a leading global supplier of complex assemblies for performance-critical applications and power products.  Our trusted brand holds unparalleled leadership positions in two critical areas of the interconnect space. With more than [14] operating companies, our globally diverse team of 6,500 colleagues, working across 20 countries, is united by a shared mission: to be a World Class Supplier, providing our customers with electronic assembly services that will exceed their expectations.

“I see our future as a British listed manufacturing success story.
We have a talented multi-cultural team of dedicated associates around the world.
We provide efficient cost effective, innovative solutions to our customers every day.”

Nat Rothschild, Executive Chairman.