The services we offer are split into three tiers, each based on the level involvement with your product development team. Tier 1 represents the highest level of involvement, while Tier 3 represents the lowest level of involvement. 

Tier 1 - Product Development 

Looking to outsource your entire cabling function? Our team of experienced engineers can engage with your product development team at an early stage to design and build the best cabling solution for your needs.  Whatever the challenge, whether it be data transmission rates, signal degradation issues, durability or aesthetics, our team of engineers will produce the ideal cable assembly at the ideal price point. 

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Tier 2 - Contract Engineering

Do you need a cable assembly modified to meet a specified set of requirements? Our team of experienced engineers will support your product development team to alter specifications, alter/develop CAD drawings, aesthetics, and more. 

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Tier 3 - Contract Manufacturing 

Using your cable blueprint, Volex can source the raw materials, build the manufacturing line and develop rigorous testing procedures to ensure your cable assembly is produced in the required volumes, in accordance with national safety requirements, at a low cost price point. 

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Having trouble finding a service package that fits you? Drop us a quick email with specific details of what you need and will have one of our sales representatives contact you. 

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