Reducing Cable Size

LONDON, 7th December 2015: Panasonic presented Volex with the Bronze 2015 Excellent Partner Award at the Global Tilt event in Osaka, Japan on November 6th, 2015. This award celebrates new developments in green initiatives to preserve the global environment including, but not limited to, reducing CO2 emissions and total resources used to manufacture goods through joint initiatives between Panasonic and their suppliers.

The award was presented by Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuga, President of Panasonic, for the V-Novus series of Volex power cords. Volex is internationally recognized for innovations in power cord design and manufacture. As such, the compact and eco-friendly nature of this design demonstrates how Volex leverages their expertise in power cords to change how power plugs and connectors are used.

The V-Novus product line is designed for eco-friendliness with the ability to highly customize features depending on the use to provide the best value for money. “We are proud of the V-Novus product line and of the benefits it brings to Panasonic,” says Pete Lontoc of Volex. “The reduction in materials used alone may save up to 98kg of CO2 emissions for every pallet shipped. There are additional cost and carbon emissions savings when considering the reduction in fuel associated with shipping, along with the associated reduction in using packing materials. This demonstrates just one of the ways Volex is committed to business development while remaining an environmentally conscious company.”

Volex plc (LSE: VLX) manufactures power cords and custom cable assemblies for data communication networks, medical equipment, industrial equipment, power generation and consumer products. We work closely with our customers throughout their product development cycles to design, develop and manufacture connections solutions that meet their specific business requirements. These solutions are delivered from 9 manufacturing facilities, 45 global logistics hubs and 46 sales offices in 22 countries.