• Today we partner with some of the world’s leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.
  • Our expertise in materials, product safety and manufacturing excellence enables us to provide world class products and connector solutions for a wide range of electric vehicles.
  • We produce customized EV Charging Plugs designed to meet and exceed industry standards. We ensure their compatibility with various regional grid-plug interfaces whilst delivering on our continued commitment to reliability, durability and safety.
  • With our enhanced temperature sensing our solutions ensure that any signal of over-heating triggers fast system reaction during any charging cycle.

Hi Speed & Data Centre Products

  • We supply a wide range of hi speed cables and other products for data centre applications both to industry standards and customised solutions.
  • We offer effective cost management with our global manufacturing footprint and flexible production sites, automation and global supply chain
  • We have superior manufacturing capabilities located globally.
  • We have flexible production capabilities that include signal integrity and S/N traceability for quicker issue resolution
  • We provide both global Sales and global Field Application Engineering support.

Integrated Manufacturing Solutions

  • In recent years we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to offer not only complex cable assemblies but complete solutions. In 2019 we acquired the specialist box build solutions provider Servatron Inc.
  • Today we provide both expertise and a full range of design and manufacturing capabilities to support our customers.
  • Our customers require agile solutions that are often complex and require compliance to exacting medical, aerospace and defence standards.


  • Today we are one of the largest producers of power cords and through our strategy of both vertical integration and investments in high speed automation, for both 2 pin and 3 pin plugs, we can provide competitive high volume supply to our customers.
  • Through the production of our own cable we can provide a range of modern power cord solutions that meet the required quality, environmental and product safety standards.