Volex manufacturing takes place in nine major regions of the world serving the needs of all the major OEMs. Local support provides the timeliness required by these customers. These nine locations, along with our stocking hubs around the world, enable Volex to meet all the stringent delivery demands to keep business moving for its customers.



Custom overmolding is available in all manufacturing locations enabling customer solutions for shape, color, branding and wire management.



Volex factories possess capability for all methods of soldering including hand soldering, hot bar soldering and induction soldering. All technicians are trained to IPC J-001 standards



CNC microwelding process are available for controlled termination of fine wire onto printed circuit board traces. This process is utilized where S-parameter characteristics are crucial to the overall cable assembly performance.



Pnuematic crimping equipment is utilized in many of the assemblies for either contact or body terminations for the many types of cable assemblies.



Automated stripping and cutting equipment is used for wire preparation providing controls for length tolerances. Where mechanical stripping is insufficient for fine coaxial wire, factories are equipped with laser stripping capabilities.


Polishing, Epoxying, Curing

For those factories producing fiber assemblies polishing, epoxying and curing ovens provide the necessary production needs. These manufacturing facilities can produce simple fiber assemblies through to more complex assemblies (e.g. 72 position MTP products).